How to Create Your Profile


How to create a Jobseeker profile:

If you need help creating your Jobseeker profile, watch the video below:

How to create an Employer profile:

Step 1 - Enter the business section

Make sure to use the link on the Jobs in WA Disability Services page under 'Employers'. 

Step 1.png

Step 2 - Create an account

Enter your company name, identifier, email and password. You also have the option to select a WA region to recuit from if you are a regional business. Finally, accept the terms and conditions.

Step 2.png

Step 3 - Verify your account

An email will be sent to your specified account with a code. Enter this code below to gain access. 

Make sure to check your junk folder if it doesn't come through to your inbox. 

Step 3.png

Step 4 - Fill in your basic company information

Make sure to include the attributes and values you look for when recruiting. 

Step 4.png

Step 5 - Commence your search

Be sure to select “Disability Service” in the scope drop down to get specific qualifications and experience for this industry. Then use either free text or a number of search fields to search for candidates.

Step 5.png

Filter for the experience and qualifications your business requires.

Step 6.PNG